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Our past was fuelled by big ambitions, and a growing sense of urgency to tackle challenges


With beginning footsteps in 1995 ,Leela Power emerged as an Pioneer in the Electrical SwitchBoard manufacturer Industry over the past few decades creating an outstanding milestone by developing expertise in all emerging electrical technologies and their applications. The company enjoys supreme reputation of performance built on excellence as seen in our client’s confidence by awards of  repeat businesses and valuable references. This compliments our determination to lead , and progress in the industry which marks the cornerstone of the growth and success


of Leela Power throughout our history.

Today we provide a variety of specialized services in more than half a dozen technical fields.  We practice in commercial, industrial and domestic electrical projects and have wide experience in the industry knowing the breadth and depth of the industry grounds. Because of this, we can extend technical suggestions confidently in a hassle free easy manner and can present turnkey projects to each of our clients with cost-effective solutions specially  tailored to them.


Our commitment to clients’ satisfaction and quality  inspires the space we operate and is a continuous journey towards improving the approach, our installation techniques, our project management team and the innovative installation solutions enabling us to deliver projects on time, on budget and safely and meeting whatever challenges that may confront us.

As a KSEI approved company, we can offer expert advice along with an extensive list of services, contact us for more information or to discuss your upcoming projects.We are ready and willing to roll up our sleeves and get the work done at any time.



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Leela Power holds a strong tradition of integrity ,efficiency, preparedness and excellent employee relations.We are committed to providing customers with innovative, supreme and indispensable services, which result in enduring relationships, happy customers and extended services. Through teamwork, expert supervision, dedicated administration, engineering new technologies, we strive to deliver the greatest productivity, the highest quality product and financial strength.


Our dedication in performing value added services in all the activity areas we are engaged in,by  taking into careful consideration even the bottom line targets of the client  strives our projects to be completed on the set time frame and budget without compromising client transparency. Our vision is to provide world-class service with our best talent and drive values of accountability, collaboration, and simplification and Contribute as a role model to a responsible & sustainable environment.


As a responsible company,  we strongly  believe in the philosophy of sharing risk and benefit and we have developed flexible and innovative contracts with many of our clients. we offer our products and services in ways that protect the environment, strengthen communities and propel responsible growth.


 Research has an important part to play when developing building products. Construction market research is the key part to play when developing building products. Construction market research is the key part to play when developing building products.

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By providing Internship programmes and building a strong quality of mutual trust, we can strengthen our principle of continuous improvement. Employees are given the chance to increase their skills and knowledge. We provide training programmes to help them develop their general abilities and specific job skills.

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